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An open editorial page about issues related to the food industry.  Paul Sorgule provides his personal insight on those topics that are driving both positive and negative change in the industry of food and food education.

3 responses to “Author Opinions”

  1. I’m curious on how many people have left the culinary field and regret their decision and why? I myself spent 15 years working restaurants and although enjoy what I’m doing now, I do miss the ” controlled train wreck ” of food service.

  2. Well said Gary. I have been out now about 15 years, went into the Floral Business, but nothing can compare. The Food Industry is the boot camp of all other occupations, if you can get through it, you can succeed anywhere! I sure do miss the brotherhood of it.

  3. I loved this article from August 7th, it hits the nail on the head.
    I am a Culinary Instructor that has just taken the position at Kodiak High School here in Alaska. I have been challenged with creating a Culinary Program that will bring true value for the students and give them another avenue other than always follow their family business of the fishing industry, not that it is the wrong way to go, but there should always be a fork in the road for one to pursue other possibilities.
    The challenges that were afforded me are a great position to be in. As you pointed out, the Food industry is at a crossroad its self. I feel the timing is perfect to help students to be taught solid work ethics and solid skill sets that the industry is in need of now and for years to come.

    ” It is not what you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you are not”

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