One thing never seems to change – front-of-the-house vs. back-of-the-house mentalities.  When are we going to get it?  Service is just as important, if not more important, than the food that we serve.  WOW- I can’t believe I actually said that with conviction.  For a chef to come forward and tell the truth – SERVICE IS WHAT BRINGS CUSTOMERS BACK – seems to be a mortal sin to those who dedicate their lives to making great food and ignoring the fact that oftentimes it is the service that builds a restaurant’s reputation.

On the other hand, without GREAT food, the server faces an up-hill battle in winning over any guest with discriminating taste.  One would wonder if we can ever get the two, equally important restaurant factions to work as a real team.

Some of you might be thinking, “this is not my restaurant – we are always on the same page”, OK – there maybe some that have made the leap, but what about the other 800,000 or so who are constantly pointing the finger one way or the other.

I would be interested in your thoughts.