So…I have a new hobby – pickling!  Pickled vegetables can bring new life to an average meal, or even more importantly, fill that void for healthy snacks in-between meals.  The thought of going through the process of canning can wear you down:  the right equipment, lots of counter space, boiling the jars to create a save seal, labeling and storing.  Worthwhile, but time consuming.  Since we are using generous amounts of vinegar, salt and sometimes sugar, the easiest alternative is fresh refrigerator pickled vegetables.  Find some attractive jars and clear out a spot in your refrigerator – make a home for these tasty additions.



Peter Piper’s Pickled Peppers

Mini -Sweet Peppers:  2 pounds

Vidalia Onion:             1 large – sliced

Garlic Cloves – whole: 12 each

Cinnamon Sticks:        5 each

Cider Vinegar:             2 cups

Water:                        4 cups

Kosher Salt:                4 Tablespoons

Granulated Sugar:       5 Tablespoons

Coriander Seed:          2 Tablespoons

Whole Cloves:            1 Tablespoon

Cumin Seed:              1 Tablespoon

Bay Leaf:                   8 each

Whole Peppercorns:    2 Tablespoons

Crushed Red Pepper:  1/2 tsp.

*Split the peppers in half lengthwise and remove the seeds

*Wash with warm water

*Find an attractive 1/2 gallon Canning Jar and wash and sanitize

*Place 1/3 of the peppers in the jar, then 1/3 of a sliced Vidalia onion. followed by more peppers, onions and peppers.

*Strategically push the cinnamon sticks down the sides of the jar so that they show (strictly for appearance)

*Combine the water, vinegar, salt, sugar and spices in a stainless pot.  Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes.

*Pour the liquid over the peppers, snap down the cover and allow to sit out for about an hour before placing in your refrigerator.  In a week the peppers are good to eat.  If you can wait two weeks they will be outstanding.  These keep in the refrigerator for a couple months (although they will be gone long before that).



Can’t Get Enough Pickled Beets

Fresh Beets:                5 pounds

Orange zest:                from 1 medium orange

Whole Garlic Cloves:    8 each

Red Onion:                  1 medium – sliced

Red Wine Vinegar:       3 cups

Water:                        3 cups

Granulated Sugar:       2 1/2 cups

Kosher Salt:               3 Tablespoons

Whole Peppercorns:   2 Tablespoons

Whole Cloves:            2 tsp.

Orange Juice:             1/2 cup

**Best if the beets are similar in size.

*Simmer the beets with skins on, until they are tender.  Chill and peel.

*Cut the beets in quarters

*Prepare a 1/2 gallon or (2) quart jars by washing and sanitizing

*Layer the beets, onions and garlic cloves in an attractive manner

*Combine liquids, orange zest, salt, sugar and spices in a stainless pot.  Bring to a boil then drop to a simmer for 15 minutes.

*Pour over the beets, snap on the cover, allow to sit out for 1 hour and then refrigerate.  Again, these will be ready in a week, but better in two.  They don’t last very long.:)