In case you missed this interview with the talent chef: Jamie Keating from EPIC Restaurant in Columbus, Georgia.

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The characteristics of truly successful chefs are work ethic, talent, passion, commitment and confidence. Confidence without the other pre-requisites is like a house without a foundation or a ship without a rudder. When all components are in place it is easy to see how a chef can bring his or her goals to fruition.

Jamie Keating is such a chef. From his days as a student in my classroom he exhibited the desire to excel and the willingness to learn. I have had the pleasure of following his career since he walked across the stage at graduation. I have vivid memories of a day in mid- 2003 (I think), the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, tryouts for the American Culinary Federation Olympic Teams. The NRA Show was on my calendar for more than 20 years straight, but this year was special: a former student was in the running for…

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