If you are a seasoned food service manager, a chef, or serious cook looking for that next step in your career – I have great opportunities for you.  Whether you are in those early stages of your career or well-established as a professional – I have found that two factors come into play when making a career decision:  First, is the opportunity to learn and make a dent in the universe and second is to find a place that offers exceptional quality of life. There have been many lessons learned over the past 14-months, but in talking with friends and culinary peers nothing stands out more than these two factors.

Financial considerations are certainly important, but without the opportunity to make a difference and without a safe, secure, and balanced way of life – money becomes pretty shallow as the only decisionmaker.   Keep this in mind – this is very important: people need to find something they love, something that allows them a chance to contribute and create, and something that connects with their personal stakes in the ground.  At the same time – living in a place that is safe and secure, a place where you can take a deep breath and know that it is nurturing and healthy – this is ultimately what inspires and makes us whole.

I live in the Adirondacks of New York and have done so for the past forty-odd years.  There is no other place where I have spent time that fits this bill better than living within this six-million-acre park in northern New York State.  I have enjoyed a rewarding and robust career in the food business, while maintaining a quality of life that inspires and protects.  So, listen up!

I have a number of terrific opportunities for the right people, people who want to find that career fit that helps them to grow, allows them to make a difference, embraces their creativity, and supports the quality of life that they are looking for.  There are positions as Food and Beverage Manager for an expansive historic property that is on the cusp of growing into a real event destination while offering authentic foods that reflect the time and theme of the property.  Additionally, I am pleased to work with a number of restaurants in the Adirondack Olympic Region looking for chefs and cooks, professional servers, managers, and even hopeful entrepreneurs.  These career opportunities are perfect for the serious professionals who want it all.

I am truly excited to offer these openings to individuals who believe that a move is right for them, and that they fit the profile of the positions.  IF YOU ARE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE then send me a note and let’s start a conversation.  I am anxious to connect the right people with these exciting properties in the middle of one of the most pristine locations on the face of the earth.  Send me a note today!


Paul Sorgule

Harvest America Ventures, LLC


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