Paging through previous posts, I thought this one was worth looking at again. We need to spend more time at home breaking bread and conversing with everyone. This is the foundation of family and a resolution to many of our problems.

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I just finished responding to an article focused on placing stricter controls on the food industry to curb obesity in the United States.  This is a very sensitive topic that can be approached from various angles.  Certainly one could argue that food marketing is focused on the success of temptation and the total lack of self-control that many of us have.  Should there be restrictions placed on this or portion sizes (as is the case in NYC with a ban on over-sized soft drinks), or maybe certain ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup, salt or even the almighty sugar?  One side of me says “yes” when you look at the alarming rate of diabetes in the U.S., high blood pressure, and obesity.  Yet another side of me likes to look for a cause rather than just dealing with effects.

The family table has long been a topic that consumes me at…

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