A post from two years ago that is still relevant today.

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This is an article that I posted two years ago regarding the expectations that young graduates of culinary education oftentimes have when first entering a professional kitchen. I felt that it fit well with the series of recent posts that I made regarding line cooks, bakers and the path that they take en route to the position of “chef”. So, forgive the “repost”, but hopefully you will note the timeliness of the content.

I am not sure where it went wrong.  Maybe it is an over-zealous admissions staff, maybe it is the Food Network.  The source could be instructors hoping to inspire young people to early greatness or quite possibly it is the parent who truly believes that their son or daughter is born with the Emeril gene.  To some degree it is probably the “return on investment” need for instant payback on a very expensive culinary education, or who…

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