This is a previously posted article, but one that I feel is important. What many people (restaurant guests) do not realize is that although the chef may be the visionary and the designer of the food experience in your favorite restaurant, it is the line cook who actually prepares your meal. I am, and will always be a champion of the line cook – the life blood of a kitchen. I hope that you will SHARE this article with your network.

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It takes many years for a good cook to become a great cook, to become a chef. There is an enormous amount of experience that leads to the ability to lead a kitchen, to create a vision and set the tone for consistently excellent performance. Aside from a strong understanding of foundational cooking technique, the chef must have accumulated an understanding of purchasing, menu planning, human resource management, inventory management, cost control, artistic presentations of food, sanitation and safety, public relations, wine, as well as communication and brand building. Yes, this position is a culmination of a lifetime of skill and aptitude development, however, chefs must never lose sight of the role that line cooks play in the daily successful operation of a kitchen.

Line cooks are the lifeblood of any professional kitchen operation. It is, after all, the line cook who has the responsibility to prepare, develop flavors and…

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