I really liked this article and feel that it remains relevant – so, hre it is again – food for thought.

Harvest America Ventures


I could start this article by simply asking: “Why is this even a topic for discussion?” The truth of the matter is that we shouldn’t need to identify people by gender in a professional kitchen. Chefs and managers shouldn’t hire male or female cooks – they should hire competent cooks regardless of gender. The only question is: “Can the individual do the job?” Tall, small, black white, American, European, Asian, Mexican, South American, or African; young or old, male or female, it doesn’t really matter – does it?

So why should we have the conversation? Because there are far fewer women in professional kitchens, especially in the role of executive chef, than there could or should be. Ironically, there are more women restaurant managers than men, but the disproportionate ratio in the kitchen remains a mystery.

Let’s look at some of the erroneous arguments that are part of the “hidden…

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  1 comment for “A WOMAN’S PLACE “IS” IN THE KITCHEN

  1. Geselle Acevedo
    January 5, 2017 at 5:53 am

    Definately I agree that when hiring the task on hand is to find the best fit for the operation. There is no mystery in terms of why there are more men in the kitchen than woman. This are the reason: motherhood, men think that is too physical and lot of heat for a woman, men don’t like to have ladies around in the kitchen so they can talk dirty and other topics not necessarily food related, and ego.

    While I was working I was tough with who ever wanted to play funny with me or any other person who seems weak and polite because it is hard to find a professional kitchen staff that rules by professionalism and equality.

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