Well, 2013 is nearly over. Time certainly does fly by both professionally and personally. I hope that this year has worked out well for your restaurant, resort, culinary school or hotel and that you are looking forward to an even better 2014.

In preparation for the year to come it is customary for each of us to jot down our New Year Resolutions. This is always fairly easy: the challenge is staying on track and bringing those resolutions to fruition. The following list represents those goals that most restaurants, resorts or culinary programs need to address to drive business success in 2014.

• Increase brand awareness for our restaurant, product or culinary program
• Better inform the public about the unique qualities of our business
• Increase restaurant traffic or program enrollment
• Build consistent quality into the presentation of products and services
• Design a product that meets and exceeds the needs of our target audience
• Build check averages
• Become more effective at hiring the right people
• Build team awareness and esprit de corps among employees
• Determine ways to maximize sales
• Become more effective at controlling costs to ensure financial success
• Train staff to improve customer service
• Improve internal and external communication

This list truly represents the primary tasks of management, ownership, chefs, program directors, kitchen and dining room managers, food and beverage directors and budding entrepreneurs and could fit into any 2014 list. If you understand the need to focus on a list of this type but simply need guidance or assistance with implementation, it may be time to contact us as you prepare for a very successful year.

Harvest America Ventures is a consulting and training company focused on the restaurant business and collegiate programs offering culinary arts majors. Contact us to day to begin a dialogue on how we might work together to bring those goals to fruition.


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