Christmas is a special time for giving thanks; a time to look back and to look forward; a time to be with family whether they are close at hand or simply in your thoughts – this is a time to remember and reflect.

I am grateful for my family most of all, but never lose sight of how fortunate I am to have so many friends, colleagues and acquaintances associated with the business that I have been involved with in some form since 1966. On this day that stands out each year I give thanks for those who have touched me and continue to do so.

We are able to enjoy this day because many others have set aside their family time today to serve in various capacities. I would thus hope that we each take a moment to think about those cooks, chefs, servers, dishwashers, nurses, doctors, medical assistants, soldiers, fire fighters, police officers, public officials, attendants, clerks and public servants who are working today so that we might enjoy this time with our families. Thank you to each of you and although you may not be with your families today, I hope that you enjoy the chance to spend time with your work friends and know that you are appreciated.

Relish in the true spirit of this day.

Merry Christmas from Culinary Cues.