*May you have more sunshine than rain, but enough rain for the crops and flowers to flourish
*May your plate be always full, but not too full
*May your health and that of your family be always cherished
*May your glass be more than half full (of good wine)
*May there be enough snow in the winter to make the long cold months sparkle
*May you smile more than frown
*May your children be happy (every parents most important wish)
*May your business be strong and reflective of your best work
*May you earn a profit rather than make money
*May you always be kind to others and they in turn to you
*May you have and take the time to enjoy nature and the wonders of our planet
*May you be strong enough to disregard those who choose to be negative
*May you keep those who are less tolerant in your thoughts but be firm in your beliefs to not fall into their trap
*May you always seek to help those who are less fortunate
*May your day-to-day living make a difference in one other persons life
*May your voice be always in tune with what is right
*May there always be music and art in your life
*May you cherish always your friends, family and coworkers and give special thanks for doctors, nurses, dietitians, teachers, artists, musicians, soldiers,police officers, firefighters, and all public servants
*May your chairs always be filled with the most important people in your lives
*and may you wake each morning grateful for another day.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks to all who faithfully read Culinary Cues.
**This picture is of the Adirondacks from chairs on my dock. Not a bad place to live!