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What does it feel like to be part of that downward spiral situation on the line referred to as being in the weeds? This is different, a far cry, from just being buried in orders on a busy night. This is more than a situation – it is a condition, a condition that feels like drowning – going down for the third time without anyone nearby to pull you back. This is a situation that makes a cook feel helpless.

The Urban Dictionary definition of “In the weeds” is:

Completely overwhelmed with diners’ orders and unable to keep up with the pace”, and/or “Overwhelmed with problems, troubles, or difficulties.”

Although these definitions are true they fail to look at the underlying cause and the physical, mental, and emotional state of the person who is facing this situation. Anyone who has worked in a restaurant kitchen has experienced the condition of being “In the weeds” and knows how debilitating the situation can be. Cooks do everything in their…

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