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Looking for a Holiday Gift?

This is an admitted, somewhat shameful self-promotion, but “tis the season”. If you are looking for one of those last minute gifts, a light read that is focused on sharing some stories associated with the first four decades of my career, and for those who crossed paths with me during that time: some stabs from the past, then add “In the Shadow of Cooks” to your stocking stuffers. Look for my second book sometime in 2014.

Have a terrific holiday season with your families, enjoy each others company and give thanks for what is important. For those who are in the food industry and working on the holidays – you are in great company and always in my thoughts. You have two families: those who you work with day in and day out as well as parents, spouses, significant others, siblings and friends who may or may not understand your commitment on the line.

Be well, be happy!