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My second book, a work of fiction, entitled: The Event That Changed Everything” is currently with the publisher. After edits I anticipate a release some time later this fall (2014). There are advantages and disadvantages to self-publishing, even with an established house like iUniverse. Their advice and guidance is invaluable, resulting in a book that readers will hopefully enjoy. On the other hand, the majority of marketing falls on the shoulders of the author.

I have designed a marketing campaign that will focus on social media, direct mail and a handful of book signings and food events in key locations. The book takes place in Buffalo, New Orleans, The Adirondacks, New York City and rural Vermont. My intent is to arrange an event in each location.

The story focuses on two cooks: Jake and Carla, as they build their careers, grow professionally and personally, build a relationship and travel to new and exciting locations eager for their food. They face numerous trials and tribulations along the way, but none as significant as “The Event”. This catastrophic series of changes will force them and all of us to re-evaluate and wonder where mankind will end up.

Here is a taste of “The Event That Changed Everything”:

A Restaurant’s Worst Nightmare

October 16, 2015

“Jake stumbled to the bathroom in his New York studio apartment with crusty eyes and a pounding headache. It was just past noon on Friday, the first time in four-days he had been able to sleep. This was only possible with the help of way too much alcohol the night before. Now he would pay the price. As his eyes came into focus Jake looked in the mirror and wondered how he got to this point. This was the first Friday in longer than he could remember he would not be going into work, not going to work because of The Event.

A line cook’s life is different than the norm. Jake’s every moment was dictated by the job; a job, given all of its challenges, he loved. On this morning, as was the case since the previous Monday night, his schedule was empty. Empty in more ways than one. The Event had instantly changed his life and he was not able to wrap his head around it. Monday had been his day off, the only one scheduled for the week, and after taking care of some long overdue chores he was settling in for a simple meal and Netflix video. Then his cell phone rang and his world turned upside down.”

Excerpt from: The Event That Changed Everything

To help cover the cost associated with marketing (book signings, release food events, collateral pieces for direct mail) I have created a Kickstarter Project in the amount of $5,000. For those not familiar with the concept, Kickstarter programs seek funding from interested parties during a timeframe defined by the creator. Donations are accepted through the Kickstarter site and held dormant through until the project reaches its goal. If the goal amount is not reached in the timeframe established, then donors are NOT charged for their intended contribution. If the goal is met, then the donation is processed. My program provides a small reward for donations over $25 or over $100 (see the Kickstarter site).

As of this post, I am pleased to gratefully acknowledge some initial support, but realize that the project is still far from full funding. The project must be fully funded by October 16 or it will be discarded.

I would simply ask that you view the Kickstarter site project and short video clip. If you are able to donate, I will be very grateful, if not, I certainly understand, but would ask you to consider sharing this post with your network.

Thanks for your support of Culinary Cues Blog and your attention to this project. The message in the book is relevant and important. The Event could happen if we are not careful.



Paul Sorgule


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